Delta Energy
Becoming a more prominent commercial natural gas provider meant developing some new tools to educate prospective business customers. This brochure was the first.

Mount Carmel Health System
Educating companies about the benefits of corporate health and wellness and the programs available at Mount Carmel was the purpose of this piece.

Ontario Systems
Hospital administrators are already aware of the value of revenue cycle management. This brochure showed them why Ontarioís revolutionary new solution was the best.

Unyson Logistics
As one of the nationís largest third-party logistics providers, Unyson has considerable capabilities. The object of this capabilities brochure was to do them justice.

Communicating its unique philosophy to customers, prospective customers and associates led this third-party logistics provider to create a brochure that does nothing else.

Mount Carmel Health System
Investigating cardiac care and cancer treatment programs is a sensitive task, but these brochures make the process easier and more informative for Mount Carmel patients and their families.

Ensuring its continued success as one the nation’s largest insurance companies depends on Nationwide’s ability to recruit top agents. This brochure was aimed at recruiting successful entrepreneurs to add insurance to their business portfolios.

Hamilton Capital Management
Communicating the underlying philosophy behind its investment management and financial advisory services is why Hamilton Capital invested in this brochure.

R.W. Setterlin Building Company
Earning clients’ trust is imperative in the building business. Communicating its commitment to do so is what this brochure for Setterlin was designed to do.

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
Generating sponsorship for its seasonal series of motorsports entertainment events is TrueSports’ bread and butter. This brochure helps set the table.

Columbus Chamber
Choosing a community in which to locate a business is a task not taken lightly. Columbus made its case to prospective employers with this persuasive piece.

With a laundry list of services for a host of industry groups, 3PL Exel created this piece to simplify and differentiate its considerable service offering.

Showing its appreciation for the two sides of its employees’ lives helped this Fortune 500 financial services firm find new associates with talent and personality.

Columbus Fair Auto Auction
This automotive auction house needed to tell its story and tout its services in the language its dealers speak. These pieces helped bang the gavel.

Capital City Partners
Emerging small and midsize companies looking for financial and strategic business consulting use this brochure to learn about Capital City Partners.

Informing associates about the availability, value and options of its 401(k) savings plan is the aim of this benefits brochure from The BISYS Group.

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
In addition to providing an exciting performance driving experience to individuals and groups, The Mid-Ohio School also offers client entertainment and team-building programs for the corporate crowd. This brochure helped promote the program.

Ensuring its homeowners insurance customers and their families are safe at home was the motive behind this fun and easy-to-read packet of informative home safety tips.