Alliance Data
This attention-grabbing mailer teased top retailers into considering deliciously integrated credit card and marketing services from a leading national retail intelligence firm.

Dawson Resources
This card went hand-in-glove, literally, with a pair of high-quality work gloves to light industrial firms looking for high-quality staffing services.

Mount Carmel Health System
Atrial fibrillation is a heart rhythm condition that affects millions of Americans. This mailer helped central Ohio sufferers learn about a new treatment available at Mount Carmel.

Walk With A Doc
The journey to a healthier heart begins with a single step. Thatís the idea behind A Walk With A Doc. This flier helped spread the word about this experiment in social exercise thatís now become an international movement.

Ontario Systems
When Ontario Systems began offering its ground-breaking FACS debt management application on a subscription basis, this mailer helped share that cost-saving information.

Dawson Resources
When Dawson changed the model for its Dawson Works light-industrial staffing business, this mailer shared the logic and consolidated office location with clients.

Mount Carmel Health System
Facing a cancer diagnosis takes courage Ė and a lot of support. Thatís what Mount Carmel offers through its First Steps to Survivorship program, which this flier helped promote.

Ensuring the safety of its auto insurance policyholders was the motivation for this direct-mail package, which included an outer envelope, letter and brochure.

Resource Development Group
The best way for this funding firm to reach a national audience of economic development professionals was a direct appeal. This clever campaign worked well.

David P. Meyer Co.
Introducing this law firm’s unique expertise to fellow lawyers to earn referral business was the aim of this direct-mail effort.

Mount Carmel Health System
Reaching potential patients with information about the specialist services offered by its network of primary care physicians was this hospital campaign’s aim.

The Mid-Ohio School
When this nationally known performance driving school expanded its offering and added motorcycle instruction, these pieces helped give students a refresher course.